What are Stacked Jeans and How to Style Them?

What are Stacked Jeans and How to Style Them?


You know of skinny jeans, regular fit jeans, and ripped jeans. But have you heard of stacked jeans?

Truth is, you probably have. You’ve probably seen the popular streetwear style on hip-hop icons like Kanye West and Lil Baby. And so you’re here to get the full scoop on exactly what they are.

But beyond that, we’re also going to be dishing out all the best ways to style stacked denim today. We’ll also take a look at the origins of stacked jeans and the best place to get you a pair (or five) today!

What are Stacked Jeans?

Stacked denim is a unique style of wearing jeans that are longer than your traditional jeans. The “stacked” look is usually achieved by wearing jeans that are a size or 2 longer than your actual inseam length (i.e. the measurement of your inner leg length from your crotch to the bottom of your ankle).
The excess denim fabric that extends past the ankle is then bunched up below your knee and on top of your shoes. This is what creates the famous layered or “stacked” effect.

Originally, stacking could be achieved with any type of denim. The look was most commonly accomplished with slim or skinny jeans, or at least jeans that were fitted in the thigh area. Luckily, stacked jeans are now being made as a distinct style of denim on their own. So you can ditch the oversized jeans for well-fitted pieces that still stack perfectly!

Who Invented Stacked Jeans?

Stacked jeans became popular in urban fashion and streetwear in the late 2000s and early 2010s. They’ve been around for even longer than that, and have increasingly become popular again in recent years.

Initially, the style emerged as a super-fly way for celebs and fashion enthusiasts to show off their designer sneakers or boots. Today, we live in an era where trendsetting and influencer culture is huge. These cultures set the scene and spark for the swift-spreading fire that is the popularity of stacked denim.

Streetwear itself has a long list of influences which include skate and surf culture, hip-hop music, sports, haute couture, and K-Pop. Hip-hop music is the one of this list that influenced the trend of stacking. Rap artists like Travis Scott, Lil Baby, Future, and Playboi Carti are a few prominent names whose styles have propelled stacked jeans into the limelight today.

Due to these influences, stacked jeans have become more mainstream and evolved to include various ways of stacking denim. A wonderful example is the super stacked denim style. Stacked jeans have also successfully become a staple of many fashion subcultures.

How to Style Your Stacked Jeans

The amazing thing about stacked denim is that it is very versatile when it comes to styling. Fashion and acceptability have progressed enormously to accommodate modernism and individuality. Hence, there’s hardly anywhere you can’t pull up with some extra swagger and your favorite stacked jeans.
Plus, stacked denim is so great because you can pair it up with a variety of footwear, from sneakers to boots, and dress it up or down depending on the occasion.

Below, we’ll be offering 10 loose templates for stacked jeans outfits and how you can style them!

  1. A Classic Casual Look: If you’re a streetwear hypebeast, you’d know how a simple T-shirt can make up a key element in any look. To pull off the classic “casual look”, pair your stacked jeans with a t-shirt or hoodie to create a relaxed, laidback effect. Pull on a pair of sneakers or comfortable boots to complete your outfit.
  2. Street Style: If you’re gonna do streetwear, then why not go the whole Nine Yards? Mix and match your stacked jeans, playing around with different eye-catching colors and layers of clothing such as a hoodie, bomber jacket, and a pair of matching sneakers.
  3. Work Wear: Depending on what your office culture is like, you may be able to make your stacked jeans work. You can achieve a more formal look by wearing your stacked jeans with a dress shirt, blazer, and some nifty dress shoes.
  4. Denim-on-Denim: Tap into one of the biggest style trends in today’s fashion scene. Double up on your denim by wearing a denim jacket or shirt with your stacked jeans. This is a fantastic way to create a cohesive, put-together look.
  5. Go Monochrome: There’s no better way to stand out than with a monochrome outfit. For an eye-catching ensemble, dress in a single color for all your pieces to give off a minimalist and modern look. Choose a color that suits your skin and style, and wear your stacked jeans with a top and shoes of that same color.
  6. Smart Casual Style: This combo is great for a date or a night out. Dress up your stacked jeans with a smart casual shirt such as a dress shirt with stripes or a nice pattern. Tie it together with a pair of loafers or dress shoes and you’re dapper!
  7. Layer it on: Here’s some style inspo for when the fall and winter months hit. Pile on some layers to your outfit by wearing a button-up shirt, sweater or cardigan, and a jacket or coat over your stacked jeans. This will give you a perfectly stylish, layered look.
  8. Athleisure: Many sportswear brands are the foundation of contemporary streetwear. Hence, an athleisure look is a terrific way to style your stacked jeans. Pair your stacked jeans with a sweatshirt or zip-up hoodie and a pair of sneakers for the perfect athletic-meets-leisure look.
  9. Vintage Vogue: No, we don’t mean a tux (although that might not be such a bad idea). Create a modern throwback look by wearing your stacked jeans with a vintage graphic tee or a denim jacket with patches.
  10. All-Black Affair: Yes, we already said monochrome. But we’re highlighting the all-black look because it’s the perfect way to look sleek, stylish, and just that tad bit more attractive. Wear a pair of black stacked jeans with a black t-shirt, button-up, or sweater, and black boots or sneakers.

Where to Buy Stacked Jeans

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What are stacked jeans?
“Stacked” jeans are a style of denim jeans that are intentionally worn long and bunched up at the ankles, creating a “stacked” appearance of denim fabric around the ankles.

Are stacked jeans in style in 2023?
Stacked jeans were a trend that started to catch the eye of many towards the end of 2022. So yes, it is indeed a fashion trend that is on the rise in 2023!

How to make stacked jeans?
Stacked jeans are only made with a longer length jeans than the usual jeans length that you wear which would create the stacked effect on your ankle and above your shoes

Who can wear stacked jeans?
Stacked jeans can be worn by anyone, man or woman, who wants to achieve a particular style or look. The style is a popular choice among those who enjoy streetwear or want to create a more casual, relaxed look.

What are the best shoes to wear with stacked jeans?
Generally, you’ll want to pair your stacked jeans with shoes that are low-cut and have a narrow profile. Good examples are sneakers, This will allow the stacked denim at your ankles to be visible and create a clean, streamlined look.

At the end of the stack…
In this post, we’ve answered key questions such as “What are stacked jeans?” and “How can you style stacked jeans?”. Now, that you know it all, it’s time to stack it up! You can shop our favorite stacked jeans styles and colors from our website.

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